AISS aims to bring about the understanding that Art is a basic building block in forming social structures, its projects include providing university scholarships, micro-financing for small businesses and organizing cultural and educational exchange programs.

AISS is an exceptional organization, the bulk of its annual budget comes from the financial donations of its member artists, it does not seek funding from the public except for cultural exchange and educational workshops.

Our organisation is an internationally active, legally registered NGO in Ghana. Our primary role is mentoring in the arts, but this also includes increasing society's value and understanding of artists and the work they produce. We aim to nurture a culture of art creation, collection and criticism, which recognizes the artist as a socially responsible and politically active in civil society. To highlight this point we will fund at least one development project a year, outside of the realm of art.

AISS is a Donor Member organisation, -meaning that most of our funding comes from the contributions of its artist members, the fact that we are an 'artist funded organisation' helps us to more strongly perform our mission of social responsibility and community building. We also aim to prove that an organisation can be active and effective with a small annual budget, the 2007 AISS budget is only $5000 but we have managed to incorporate, organise an exhibition, an art criticism workshop for journalists, and provide a fees bursary for a Ghanaian Sociology student at the University of Kumasi.

Our primary site for activity in the first two years of our development is Ghana. But members are encouraged to instigate initiatives within their local communities and use the AISS network to facilitate this activity. AISS is very lucky have a strong advisory board composed of professional experts in fields such as development, law, healthcare, finance and education.

It is our continued aim to work within the framework of a limited budget for our first two years of activity, this decision reflects our aim to grow slowly through a limited number of annual projects, whilst being mindful of the time constraints of being busy professional artists and our overarching belief that an organisation need not have a huge endowment to function.

AISS membership is by invitation only, founding members of AISS are asked to assist and advise us in developing teaching workshops and mentoring programs across the field of our activity, but also contribute to our annual budget with a voluntary contribution. Membership to AISS is free, artists may contribute as little or as much as they like to the organization, we also accept the artist's time and labour as a contribution to the foundation's endowment.

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